5 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Table Top Display More Effective

Often an afterthought in most trade show and event marketing programs, effective table top show displays should be one of the most compelling components of your face-to-face marketing program. Whether your table top display is being used at a smaller trade show, recruiting event or job fair, we've put together some ideas that we think will help you create a more effective display.

Select the right display for the job

Table top show displays are available in a multitude of styles. The most important thing you can do is select the display that's most appropriate for your event. If you can, determine which styles the other exhibitors are using. Will they have larger, modular table top displays with high-impact graphics, or will the event primarily feature smaller briefcase style displays? A smaller briefcase display may be suitable for some events, but if your competition is going to have larger table top displays with full-color graphics, make sure you purchase a display that can compete in that environment.

You'll also want to make sure that your display is cost-effective. How will you transport it to your event? If your event is local, will it be easy for your staff to carry the exhibit and set it up? Are there any additional shipping costs involved?

Take the time to create the right visuals

You only have 3 seconds to capture the attention of your booth visitors. It's important that you take the time to create graphics and visuals that are effective and communicate the message you want to convey.

When it comes to most trade show displays, the most effective ones usually feature large images which tie into an overall message, such as a theme for a specific advertising campaign or an overall brand message. Those images are usually accompanied by a company logo and tag line. When developing your message, try to create text or tag lines that emphasize the most important points you're trying to communicate at that particular event. Since table top displays are smaller in size, prospects can become overwhelmed when presented with a display filled with lots of text or bullet points. Think of your table top display as more of a billboard, rather than a brochure. If you truly want to stand out, consider a backlit table top. It will be an attendee-magnet in your booth.

Limit the clutter

Just because you have a 6' or 8' table in your exhibit, that doesn’t mean that you have to cover it with a bunch of flyers and brochures. Keep your table top clear of anything that might distract attendees from your display, and trim any handouts you may have down to the most important items. If additional literature doesn’t help you deliver the message you're trying to send to your prospects, keep it out of view.

Add a printed table cover

Printed table covers provide a great opportunity to spotlight a logo or tagline. Many exhibitors simply use the standard, unprinted table cover that's provided by the show organizers. Often these covers are worn or may clash with the colors of the display. Printed table covers range from simple designs featuring 1 or 2 color logos to complex designs printed with full-color images. To set yourself apart from the competition, we recommend purchasing a printed table cover to help you make the best use of your space.

Maximize the rest of your booth space

You have found the right table top display. It has clear, beautiful graphics, and you have the perfect table cover to complement your display. Your job isn't over yet. Remember to take advantage of some of the other space in your exhibit. Literature displays are a great way to share company information without cluttering your display area. You can use a lightweight, retractable banner stand to call attention to a new product.

The competition for prospects’ attention on the show floor is tough. Make sure that you're doing everything you can to make your table top display as effective as possible.