First-Time Exhibitor Tips: Trade Shows 101

You Must Be New Here...
So, you've decided that face-to-face marketing is a valuable avenue to promote your brand, and you've signed up for your first trade show. Congratulations!

You may be thinking, "Now what?" Well, we've put this guide together to help smooth out potential "first-timer" rough spots. However, this information is relevant for any exhibitor, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran.
Before we get into the fundamentals of your first trade show, let's talk about timing. Allowing enough time to plan for your event is almost as critical as participating in the event itself. The effort you put into planning your exhibit -- your overall message, exhibit design, artwork, even your accessories -- will help determine what you get out of it. Keep in mind that planning affects everything, including the type of exhibit you're able to purchase. Production times vary greatly depending on the display type. Some displays take a few days to manufacture, while others can take weeks. We can't stress enough -- don't wait until the last minute.

Are you ready to dive in? We'll cover all the basics, from renting vs. buying and pre-show marketing, to artwork and shipping options.

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