The 'Looks and Lasts' Timeless Guarantee™

We'll make it right, or give you your money back. Whenever. Whatever. Forever.

"Looks" means take three months to ensure your graphics look just right.

"Lasts" means take forever to decide that the hardware delivers more value than the price you paid, or we'll pay you back!

Timeless Looks & Last Guarantee Seal

The Details, and why we think you'll like this:

We want you to have the product you need today, and the assurance to know it will keep working for many tomorrows.

But when you buy online, you can't inspect the product until after you own it. If there is a problem anytime -- upon delivery, or years later -- you don't have the comfort of walking back into a brick-and-mortar store with your product to get it fixed. Not a good feeling.

At Displayit, we understand those concerns, and we think we've found a way to deliver the comfort and assurance you seek with every product we offer.

We call it: The 'Looks and Lasts' Timeless Guarantee™.

The 'Looks' part gives you three months to inspect our product after you get it and make sure everything looks good. We want you to be proud to put everything you get from us on public display. If anything falls short of your expectations, let us know during those first three months, and we'll work with you to make it right, even if that means refunding 100% of your purchase price.

The 'Lasts' part has no time limit. If you ever decide your Displayit product doesn't last long enough to deliver the service and value you expected for the price you paid, we'll refund back to you any amount you think is fair up to the full price you paid for the hardware (less graphics and services).

The Big Print

We wanted to avoid littering our Guarantee with fine print, but we do have exceptions for (4) kinds of projects:

  • Multiple: If you need multiple quantities of a single standard product, we'll ask you to take delivery of one of them, inspect it, and decide if it satisfies your "Looks" expectations before we produce the rest for you.
  • Custom: If you ask us to customize a structure for you (make engineering changes to a standard offering, or create a special design for you), we won't refund your purchase price.
  • Rental: Projects associated with a rental or lease agreement are not included in the Looks and Lasts Timeless Guarantee.
  • Shipping Containers: Due to wear and tear caused by freight company mishandling, containers intended to protect your structure during shipping (including cases that convert into counters) are not included in the Looks and Lasts Timeless Guarantee.

Know that, with every project big or small, we'll work with you to make sure everything comes out right. We are spelling out these special terms for bigger projects to ensure a balanced mutual commitment so we're not the only ones with skin in the game.

Are we crazy?

Hopefully no crazier than you. One of our Core Values is, "We do what is right." We believe the way we do business attracts Clients like you who are good, solid folks with integrity, who also strive to do what is right.

Another Core Value of ours is, "We blow away expectations." With those shared principles, we believe no Client will be motivated to abuse our unusually generous 'Looks and Lasts' Timeless Guarantee.

As we ask you to trust us, we likewise trust you. That's why we have no reservations about including our Guarantee with your purchase today.