Renting vs Owning an Exhibit

Is renting a display right for you?

So you’re wondering if renting a trade show display for your next event is right for you.  Maybe this is your first trade show, and you’re not sure of what all the considerations are.  Perhaps you’re a trade show veteran, but rentals just haven’t made sense before.  Wherever you are in the process, we’d like to take a minute to help you determine whether renting your next trade show display is right for you.

Why you might consider renting:

1. Avoid the hidden costs of ownership (Storage):

Trade show displays are big - Most displays ship in shipping containers or crates. Does your facility have a forklift? Warehouse racks? Do you have storage sufficient to store a container that will only be on the trade show floor a couple of times a year?
Let us carry those costs for you. Our 65,000 sqft. rental & graphic production facility is perfectly suited for those storage needs.


2. Avoid the hidden costs of ownership (Maintenance):

Trade show displays take a beating. Containers get rained on and damaged in transit, forklifts accidents happen, and parts get lost on the show floor. Does your team have the expertise/tools necessary to keep your display in show-shape?
We do, and we’ll make sure every rental you receive from us is show-ready.


3. Focus on what matters (Not logistics):

Trade shows are stressful enough. Your team does not need to worry about coordinating shipping a trade show display to and from the show.
With our Select rental program, we’ll coordinate all logistics for you.


4. Focus on what matters (Not installation & dismantle):

Are you relying on your sales team to install and dismantle your display? Wouldn’t it be better if they were at cocktail hour with potential clients or preparing for tomorrow’s big presentation instead of sweating on a trade show floor?

With our Select rental program, we’ll take care of all installation & dismantle for you.  All you have to do is show up and do what you do best.


5. You only exhibit a few times per year:

Would you buy a car that you only need to drive a couple of times a year? Of course not – You’d rent. That said, if you exhibit at many shows a year with no change in graphics, purchasing your display might be a good option for you.
Good news, we can help you with a customized for-purchase display as well.


6. Flexibility (Branding/Graphics):

You probably don’t have the exact same goals for every show. Rental displays are perfect for changing out your messaging from show to show. 
Frequent graphic refreshes are often cost-prohibitive. At Displayit, we don’t outsource your printing. Our expansive production capacity means you save big on graphics and can afford to switch messaging with ease.


7. Flexibility (Configurations):

You don’t have the same budget for every show. Renting gives you the flexibility to go big on your key shows while saving money on the others. Additionally, renting allows you to test different approaches to allow you to communicate most effectively to your target customers.
Our extensive rental inventory gives you access to endless configurations.


8. You’re exhibiting at more than one show at once:

The cost of owning one booth is bad enough. What will you do if you have more than one show to attend concurrently?
Rent your second display with us… Better yet, rent both.


9. Don’t worry about liability or show regulation compliance:

Show regulations change from venue to venue. Will your purchased display work for every venue?
Renting with Displayit gives you the flexibility to change the booth structure to meet venue requirements.

Still not sure whether rental is right for you? Contact your account manager today, and we’ll be happy to explore it with you.  Whether you choose to rent or purchase your next trade show display, we’re here for you.