What's a 10x10 Display?

10’ x 10’ refers to a trade show booth space. These displays pack tons of features suchas backlit backdrops, banner stands, monitor stands, counters, and etc. into that ten foot by ten foot area. Expos, conferences, trade shows, and other events divide their floor plans into sections to accommodate the highest number of vendors—usually, the smallest area of “real estate” you can rent is a ten foot by ten foot square.

Thankfully, a good 10’ x 10’ trade show display will give you a lot to work with in that small space, and can include lightboxes, mounts for monitors, and additional tables or counters that accommodate graphics and can showcase your best products. Even with their economical footprint, you’ll find everything you might need in an easy, dependable package.

Take a look at the collection of 10’ x 10’ displays we have for sale above to see all the features available!

What's a 10x10 Trade Show Display?

If you’re looking for an easy way to draw more eyes to your display, we highly recommend looking into backlit 10’ x 10’ booth displays, which emphasize your brand’s visuals and increase visibility at even the busiest events. Or, if you’re looking to incorporate more dynamic digital media into your exhibit, check out our media displays, which feature booth displays that come with monitor stands and mounts to showcase your videos or interactive programs. Lastly, our easy-assembly displays make setting up your display a breeze—no tools required!

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