When you have large products to show off or want to meet with clients in your exhibit, you need the additional space afforded by a 10x20 trade show booth. But a larger exhibit can feel bare without a quality display to fill out the space. That’s why Displayit offers a wide variety of 20x10 trade show booth designs that can make your exhibit feel polished and professional!

If all you need in your 10x20 trade show booth is a simple backdrop that’s easy to set up, you can check out our selection of easy-to-assemble 20’ displays. Looking for an exhibit display with shelving and TVs to help you sell your products more easily? We also have a ton of 20x10 trade show booth displays specifically designed for merchandising. No matter how you want your 10x20 trade show booth to look, we can help you achieve it!

Are you interested in having access to a beautiful 10x20 trade show booth backdrop, but don’t want the responsibility of actually having to own and store it? Consider checking out our high-end 10x20 rental exhibits!