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About Us

Since 1996 displayit has existed to be a blessing to everyone - But what does that really mean?

For our clients, it means immediate access to consultants that can help you find the exact display you need. It means a stress-free experience, where you can trust that you'll receive what you need when you need it. And it means if we ever drop the ball, you can have confidence that we'll always make it right.

Being a blessing means developing meaningful partnerships with our vendors. We get the best service for the best prices - And we pass those benefits directly to you, our customer.

With our team, it means strengthening each other professionally and personally through impactful teamwork. We're able to serve you better, because we're a family, and as such we're able to attract and retain the best in the industry.

Finally, being a blessing means that we leverage our mutual success to serve our community through the giving of our time and resources to help foster a better world.
  • We build our organization with great people
  • We don't serve to exist, we exist to serve
  • We seek humility
  • We listen
  • We believe the best about our teammates
  • We blow away expectations
  • We can always make it better
  • Fun is our secret weapon
  • We embrace new technology and new ideas
  • We do what is right