About Us

We create custom trade show display products that have helped thousands of businesses and brands succeed.


Through our products, we help businesses impress.

Through our innovation, we change what’s possible for our clients.

Through our attitude, we make a positive impact on our industry.

Our Story

In 1996, Fred Axelberd founded Displayit Inc. and started selling simple tri-fold displays through office catalogs, landing his first big client at a trade show. In the coming years, Displayit would be an early adopter of digital marketing for our industry and one of the very first major trade show display providers to sell products on the web. Now, we produce top-of-the-line products from our 75,000 sq ft. production facility in Buford, where we continue to pioneer quality trade show products and service.

History of Displayit


Fred Axelberd founds Displayit Inc. to sell tri-fold displays and lands first major client


Displayit joins the world wide web through its first site: exhibits-to-go.com


Displayit launches a new e-commerce platform so clients can order online


We open our own fulfillment center to produce custom displays and graphics


We move into a brand new 75,000 sq ft facility with state-of-the-art technology

Our Core Values

Displayit company core values - initiative


We take the first step and work proactively—we’re always curious, seeking creative ways to improve

Displayit company core values - collaboration


It’s not ‘me’, it’s ‘we!’ We work together to reach common goals and never leave our team or clients behind

Displayit company core values - accountability


We take ownership, holding ourselves and all those around us to the highest standards

Displayit company core values - growth-mindset


We embrace the opportunity to learn and always seek challenges—we innovate, rather than stagnate

Displayit company core values - fun


Happiness is an advantage! At Displayit, we celebrate, appreciate, and enjoy everything that we do

Displayit company core values - results oriented


We focus on outcomes—we develop the goals, strategies, and techniques needed to accomplish amazing things