Making Event Tabling Easy & Professional

Tabling is one of the most accessible ways for a small business or brand to put themselves out there. It’s cheap! All you really need is a table and a few brand ambassadors to get started. But giving a lasting, professional impression while tabling is another thing entirely—that’s where our custom table top covers and table top pop up displays come in handy. 

Our table top covers come in three main varieties: Throw, Fitted, and Flex (or tension fabric). A throw table top cover will simply drape over your table, while a fitted cover is sewn to match your table’s dimensions exactly. A flex fabric table top cover, on the other hand, stretches to fit tables of specific dimensions and makes curves that eliminate the table’s ordinary silhouette.

Once you’ve got your table cover sorted out, you’ll need to top it off with something versatile. Our table top displays include retractable, fold-out, and curved products, all of which will be customized to your brand and serve as an eye-catching backdrop for your audience.

Add-On Monitor Stands

Today’s businesses rely heavily on digital assets to convey their value during events—if you’re looking to add that media to your current exhibit, our display booth add-ons include trade show monitor stands and monitor mounts that’ll get the job done.

A monitor stand will serve as a free-standing solution for your monitor or TV, which can be placed pretty much anywhere in a trade show booth. Many of our stands also include a bit of shelving or spaces for storage, where you can put extra promotional material, technical equipment, or whatever else you need to tuck away.