When hosting an event or conference, having a wide array of outdoor display signs to help direct attendees can create a great first impression and get your show off on the right foot. Here’s how you can use different types of outdoor displays for your upcoming event:

  • Flags: When you want to get attention from vehicles on the street, few outdoor display signs draw in eyes like the flapping of a flag in the wind. Feather banners can be staked into grass by the street and can be printed with useful information. We recommend using simple messages, such as the event name or a single word explaining what your event is about.
  • Sidewalk Signs: The last thing you want at your event is for people to become lost trying to get to it. Having portable outdoor signs strategically placed outside can help direct attendees from the parking lot to where they want to go. If there are multiple locations they might need to get to, consider printing directions to each place with an arrow pointing in its general direction. To avoid confusion, you should also always have your branding printed somewhere on all your portable outdoor signs so attendees know that the directions are for your event.

It can take a lot of outdoor displays to pull off your event. If you need help making sure you have everything you need to ensure a successful show, feel free to reach out to a sales representative!