If you’re purchasing a display for your exhibit, don’t forget to also pick up a portable counter to go with it! Trade show counters are a great way to create a greeting station in your booth. When attendees see a worker standing behind a branded counter, it naturally creates an invitation to approach with questions about your organization or business, opening the door for a sales pitch.


Unlike a conventional folding table, portable trade show counters are designed to pack small and travel with the rest of your display, saving you money on shipping fees. We’ve even designed convertible shipping cases that can ship an entire 10’ display and then transform into a trade show counter while you’re at your show!


Is securing your personal belongings important to you? While virtually all of our portable counters have internal storage to hide away anything you don’t want seen, we also offer premium trade show counters with locking doors, keeping anybody without a key away from your valuables.

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