How to Install SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) the Right Way

What Does "SEG" Mean?

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphic. A flexible silicone gasket is sewn to the four sides of a fabric graphic. This silicone edge is then tucked into a channel in a frame or display. The silicone edge makes the graphic easy to install and easy to replace when you are ready for a message change.
Watch an Instruction Video – Transcript Below

Watch an Instruction Video – Transcript Below
3 Tips for Installing Silicone Edge Graphics
5 Tips for Installing Silicone Edge Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphic displays are quickly becoming some of our most popular products here at Displayit. Whether it’s a Graffiti Pop-Up or a Flare Backlit Wall, these displays have some of the cleanest looks on the market. The catch? Installing SEG graphics can be tricky – until now! Here are five ways to make installing SEG graphics easy:

Tip #1: Fold in Stitched Edge
A classic mistake we see people make is that they try to tuck in 
just the silicone without any fabric. If you do this, the silicone won’t fit properly into the channel, and the graphic will almost definitely fall out. Save yourself some time upfront by doing things the right way by tucking in the graphic so that the fabric is also going into the frame.

Tip #2: Don't Stretch the Silicone
If you’ve ever been on the trade show floor and saw a display with bunched up fabric, you know they were having issues installing their graphic. This problem is caused by starting at one corner,and stretching the silicone all the way to the edge of the frame. This will give you graphic excess 
every time. For the right way to get started, check out Tip #3.

Tip #3: Tuck in the Corners, Then the Center
The easiest way to get started with your Silicone Edge Graphic is to tuck in the corners first, and then the center of each side. This not only prevents the issue described in Tip #2, but it also helps make sure that the graphic is stretched evenly across the display. As a bonus, if you’re installing the graphic with the frame standing up, doing this will help prevent the graphic from falling out of the frame.

Tip #4: Push In, Work Your Way Out
Even if you follow Tip #3, it’s actually still possible to end up with excess graphic if you’re not careful. The easiest way to do this is to tuck in a section, and then work your way out from its center point. This is a great way to prevent the graphic from bunching up, and is our preferred method for installing a graphic.

Tip #5: Don't Install Silicone Edge Graphic One Side at a Time
This might seem like a counterintuitive tip, but hear us out! If you install your graphic one side at a time, it might seem like it’s going to be faster, but in the long run, it’s going to make life a lot harder for you. When you do this, the tension of the fabric isn’t easily distributed, making the graphic more difficult to install. Even though, it might sound more time consuming, we recommend installing the graphic a little bit at a time, evenly on each side. Doing this distributes the tension more evenly, and makes life a lot easier for you.

Installing a Silicone Edge Graphic might seem intimidating at first, but trust us – If you follow these 5 Tips, you’ll have your graphic up in no time, and have a cleaner looking display than anyone else on the trade show floor.

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