20ft Ensemble Tension Fabric Trade Show Display Kit E20H


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  • LED Stem light with tube clamp
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Product Overview

The Lightweight and Portable Display

This 20' three-panel kit from our Ensemble line of displays is crafted using lightweight materials, ensuring easy transportation and hassle-free setup. Its portable nature allows you to effortlessly maneuver and position your display within trade show venues, giving you the flexibility to make a powerful impact wherever you go.

Setting up our display is a breeze, requiring no complicated tools or lengthy instructions. Add to your trade show display with more Ensemble accessories compatible with this kit, to make this Ensemble display whenever you need it.

What’s Included:

Included shipping case only accommodates the 20 foot display.
Dimensions and weights listed do not include any optional add-ons.

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  • gtype: 20 Foot Trade Show Display
  • gcat: Business & Industrial > Advertising & Marketing > Trade Show Displays
  • gtitle: 20ft Ensemble Display Kit E20H - Portable Tension Fabric Trade Show Booth
  • gdesc: This 20 foot kit from our Ensemble line of lightweight trade show displays includes everything you'll need to stand out at your next event. Lightweight, easy assembly, custom design, and add-ons available. Refresh your brand anytime!
  • gshiplabel: standardship
  • Product Line: Ensemble
  • Product Type: 20ft Displays
  • Shipping Dimensions: 51" x 27" x 11"
  • Weight (Pounds): 75
  • Assembly Type: Tool-Free
  • Assembled Width (Inches): 226
  • Assembled Height (Inches): 101
  • Assembled Depth (Inches): 25
  • Location Use: Indoor Only
  • Frame Shape: Flat
  • gsketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/bb6fa1cc2dbc4442ac707b9fbeb13d56/embed?ui_infos=0&autospin=.25&autostart=1&ui_watermark_link=0&ui_watermark=0

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