10ft Graffiti Backlit Trade Show Display Kit GB10B with Closet


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Product Overview

A Bright, All-In-One Display Kit

The perfect blend of utility and aesthetic, this 10’x10’ backlit trade show kit provides storage space and large illuminated visuals that will help you draw a crowd and manage your equipment with ease.

Each section of the display’s backwall is built with a tool-free assembly design that helps you get everything set up in mere minutes. One section of the two-part backwall also doubles as a closet, providing all the space you need to discreetly store equipment behind the backlit visuals that give our Graffiti Backlit line its premium feel.

What’s Included:

  • Collapsing aluminum frames
  • LED lights with power supplies
  • Custom-printed graphics
  • Light-blocking fabric back panels
  • (2) Large Telescoping Cases

Included shipping cases only accommodate the items listed above.
Dimensions and weights listed do not include any optional add-ons.

Graphics & Replacement Visuals

This kit comes with Silicone Edged Graphics that are specially designed to eliminate unnecessary light bleed and attach to the kit’s frames seamlessly. If your display ever needs a new look, you can always order replacement graphics online.


  • gtype: 10 Foot Backlit Trade Show Display
  • gcat: Business & Industrial > Advertising & Marketing > Trade Show Displays
  • gtitle: 10ft Graffiti Backlit Display Kit GB10B - Portable Trade Show Lightbox Booth
  • gdesc: 10ft Graffiti Backlit Display Kit GB10B - Portable Trade Show Lightbox Booth
  • gshiplabel: standardship
  • Product Line: Graffiti
  • Product Type: 10ft Displays
  • Shipping Dimensions: (2) 51" x 27" x 11" cases
  • Assembly Type: Tool-Free
  • Features: Backlit
  • Assembled Width (Inches): 118.5
  • Assembled Height (Inches): 88
  • Assembled Depth (Inches): 58
  • Location Use: Indoor Only
  • Frame Shape: Flat
  • Power Specifications: 120-240 Volt AC Input
    (4) AC cords with grounded three prong plugs
    (2) Power strips
  • Power Consumption: 380 Watts, 5.0 Amps
  • Lighting Specs: 24 Volt DC LED lights
    (8) LED strips snap onto the top and bottom of the frame
    (4) Power supplies rest below the frame
  • LED Color Temperature: Cool White (7,236 Kelvin) LEDs
  • Features: Storage Room
  • gsketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/017f56334a61457f81588434b3bf58f3/embed?ui_infos=0&autospin=.25&autostart=1&ui_watermark_link=0&ui_watermark=0
  • Display Brightness: 37,000 Lumens
  • Weight (Pounds): 222

Graphic Templates

Assembly Instructions