20ft Graffiti Backlit Trade Show Display Kit GB20A with Closet


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Product Overview

A Bright, All-In-One Display Kit

This 10’x20’ backlit display kit includes everything you need and more to make your brand unmissable. Its multi-section backwall comes with a built-in closet space, so you can conveniently and discretely store your promotional materials or equipment.

Like all Graffiti Backlit products, this kit features elegant backlighting and specially designed fabric that adds even brightness to your branding in all the right places. On top of that, its easy-assembly aluminum frame allows you to get the entire kit up and running in minutes.

What’s Included:

  • Collapsing aluminum frames
  • LED lights with power supplies
  • Custom-printed graphics
  • Light-blocking fabric back panels
  • (3) Large Telescoping Cases

Included shipping cases only accommodate the items listed above.
Dimensions and weights listed do not include any optional add-ons.

Graphics & Replacement Visuals

With this display, you’ll receive custom-printed Silicone Edged Graphic fabric that features your brand artwork and quickly snaps into the kit’s frames. If you ever want a new or alternative look for your kit, though, you can always order replacement graphics tailored to its exact dimensions.


  • gtype: 20 Foot Backlit Trade Show Display
  • gcat: Business & Industrial > Advertising & Marketing > Trade Show Displays
  • gtitle: 20ft Graffiti Backlit Display Kit GB20A - Portable Trade Show Lightbox Booth
  • gdesc: 20ft Graffiti Backlit Display Kit GB20A - Portable Trade Show Lightbox Booth
  • gshiplabel: standardship
  • Product Line: Graffiti
  • Product Type: 20ft Displays
  • Shipping Dimensions: (3) 51" x 27" x 11" cases
  • Assembly Type: Tool-Free
  • Features: Backlit
  • Assembled Width (Inches): 235.5
  • Assembled Height (Inches): 88
  • Assembled Depth (Inches): 58
  • Location Use: Indoor Only
  • Frame Shape: Flat
  • Power Specifications: 120-240 Volt AC Input
    (8) AC cords with grounded three prong plugs
    (3) Power strips
  • Power Consumption: 760 Watts, 10 Amps
  • Lighting Specs: 24 Volt DC LED lights
    (16) LED strips snap onto the top and bottom of the frame
    (8) Power supplies rest below the frame
  • LED Color Temperature: Cool White (7,236 Kelvin) LEDs
  • Features: Storage Room
  • Display Brightness: 74,000 Lumens
  • Weight (Pounds): 344
  • gsketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/de3ae654c24b4309998a397d9b2efd4c/embed?ui_infos=0&autospin=.25&autostart=1&ui_watermark_link=0&ui_watermark=0

Graphic Templates

Assembly Instructions